Introduction to Ruby Metaprogramming

Codemotion Spain 2012

Codemotion is an annual conference held from some years ago in Italy that expanded to Spain in 2012 (and also Germany in 2013). The talk was in Spanish (although the slides are in English). It was a technology agnostic event (there were talks about Ruby, PHP, Javascript, Python, Java, .NET, HTML5, CSS, Mobile, Android, iOS...) so the tone is very introductory, addressed to people with programming experience but little or no Ruby knowledge.

This was the original description in the event webpage:

“Código que escribe código”. ¡Guau! Suena a magia, o a ciencia ficción. Y sin embargo es algo que los rubystas usamos cada día. Porque, aparte de una técnica muy poderosa, la metaprogramación es una de las características más distintivas de Ruby. Usando metaprogramación, podrás:

¡Y todo de la manera sencilla y divertida a la que Ruby nos tiene acostumbrados!

There's a video, it's not very high quality and it's not complete (it was not recorded by the organization but by a kind attendant), but you might want to watch it (remember, it's in Spanish).

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